Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Because We're Fearful

We learn from today's Spokesman Review that Spokane Police Chief Straub has this to say about security for Bloomsday.

“All we’re doing is tweaking it and adding a few assets.”  

Two helicopters, a bomb squad, and police officers and deputies in plain clothes are among the mentioned assets. Uniformed police have always been along the course to keep the runners and traffic separate. 

I won't feel safe unless they examine every stroller and wheelchair. And then there's the route itself. It's completely open to the public. We need to push them back and fence them off. Just to be safe. And the bands along the way. What about all their equipment? I don't recall seeing anyone wearing a backpack during the last 17 Bloomsdays I've participated in, but banning them from the course makes little sense. You want to ban them from Riverfront Park where thousands congregate after the run. Just to be safe.

Spokane has lots of sporting events where lots of people participate and congregate. If we want to have safe community events then we need to keep the community out of it.

You know, just to be safe. 

Why hasn't the Bloomsday organization, which emails participants their color group and bib numbers, sent an email telling everyone about the increased security that's going to help keep them safe? Well, we wouldn't want to create unwarranted fear, would we?

One last word from the article.

Authorities believe there’s nothing to indicate a threat targeting Bloomsday, Straub said.

But just to be safe....


Not said...

It is as if bombs hurt more people than guns do in this country.
- Ventura

Anonymous said...

Include a Glock in every runner packet.

There, problem solved!