Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not Fast And Furious Enough

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Today was the day for the Energizer Stations for Bike to Work Week. I studied the map and thought I could hit all the stations except for three in Spokane Valley before they closed. As has happened so many times before, I was wrong. Since I live north of town I planned to hit the north side stations first, catch the one east on the Centennial Trail, head back to downtown, and then get the South Hill stations. The north side stations were slated to open at 6:30 am. Leaving the house at 6:25, I headed just down the road to 421 East Hastings where the map said an Allstate office was located. There is no Allstate office there and no Energizer Station. Bummer. 

I rolled south on Hwy 395 to the Allstate office at Country Homes Blvd and the doors were locked. I was beginning to think the Allstate stations were bogus, but I tried one more just a little farther south on Division.  Bingo! John Reisbig was there. 
Talking with John I learned that the office on Hastings is at 421 West Hastings. Well no wonder I couldn't find it. From there I followed Country Homes Blvd to Wellesley and found another smiling Allstate agent offering up food and drink.  
Next up was the KPBX station on Monroe. This was the first station where I encountered another cyclist stopping by. He wasn't wearing a helmet and very safety-minded volunteer offered to buy him one.  
Roast House Coffee, who is also donating $1 of every bag of Ride the Edge coffee sold during May to Bike to Work Week, was the next stop.
After that I pedaled out east on Upriver Drive to the station at Green on the Centennial Trail. The scones were provided by the Scone Ranger and the one I had was awesome. While I was there a couple of cyclists rolled by without stopping, which seemed to be happening quite often. I guess some cyclists don't allow for extra time in case they need to stop.  
I turned back towards town and caught the North Division Bike Shop station on the north side of Riverfront Park. Homemade muffins! 
Time was running short so I skipped Indaba Coffee (sorry) and went downtown where I caught the Coffman Engineering station with an energetic crew.  
At the Green Salon & Dat Spa station I was treated to delicious cookies made without grain or eggs. I don't remember all of the ingredients, but chia seeds, almond paste, and strawberries were on the list.
Time was running short and I made haste for the South Hill, stopping by Rings & Things first. 
By now my panniers were filling up with goodies. I felt obligated to pick up something from each station. That's why they're there, right? Besides, I was working up an appetite racing to each station. Chatting was eating up my time but there's no sense in being rude. Besides, it's great to run into friends and make new ones, too.  Next on the list was Two Wheel Transit on South Perry where I scored some cinnamon rolls.

Sadly, time was up by then. The remaining South Hill stations were scheduled to close at 8:30 am and the witching hour had arrived. But I did not give up hope. I tore up the hill hoping they'd stay open a little longer. I use the phrase "tore up the hill" loosely. I may have felt like I was moving fast, but the truth has a more realistic view. Anyway, the two stations near 29th and Grand were gone. So was the Pedals2People station on 25th. Bummer.  

If I drove I could get to every station easy, right? But that goes against the whole idea of Bike to Work Week. Maybe next year I can coordinate with someone on the South Hill and the pair of us could get to each one.  Since I had plenty of time before going to work, I rolled on down to Riverfront Park where I thought I'd grab a park bench and enjoy some of the goodies I had picked up. I found the North Division station was minutes away from closing up. Michael Conley asked me if I wanted the box of homemade muffins that remained. I bungie corded them to my rack and shared them at work. They did not go to waste.


Wileydog said...

a valiant effort!

liza said...

Sorry we missed you, but I had to get to work! I'm glad you got around to so many other stations