Friday, August 23, 2013

How's That Working For You?

From the House Republican Conference--chaired by Cathy McMorris Rodgers--District Work Period Planning Kit: Do not speak from behind a podium on  a stage above the audience. Engage from the floor and walk around with  the microphone to get questions.


Anonymous said...

McMoRo votes against the NSA and for the Constitution, but betrays her campaign kit and speaks from a lectern.

Obama betrays his oath and illegally uses tax dollars to pay corporations to spy on us, in violation of the Fourth. And, speaks from a lectern.

Guess which betrayal Democrats notice.

The Jeter Principle said...

The NSA story is now follow-the-money, the same dynamic as Watergate.

Americans have a basis for class action and individual suits against corporations not included in the telecommunication immunity acts. No sovereign immunity issues here.

Congress will have the choice of expanding immunity.

But, hey, damn them Yankees.

Disgusted two-time Obama voter said...

Isn't she preggers? Let the woman lean in!

My question for her has nothing to do with podiums, but Obama's insider appointments to the NSA review commission. Will congress name its own independent body, and get some real oversight, or go along with Obama's fake oversight committee?

Uncle Rosie teh Riviter said...

Americans ask:

Why do Democrats and Republicans hate America?