Thursday, August 22, 2013

Replacing The Web

This from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

There's usually at least one Y Combinator startup that surprises the prestigious accelerator's co-founder, Paul Graham, and at this week's Demo Day it was Floobits

The company founded by Geoff Greer and Matt Kaniaris has introduced a way for two people to write software at the same time on the same code. But they have a much bigger goal in mind — replacing the Web.
"Those guys are kind of quiet hacker types and I was wondering whether they would be able to withstand Demo Day and what kind of presentation they would be able to make," Graham told me when the dust settled on Tuesday. 

"They are reticent hacker types and they don't like talking. I encouraged them to give people the full breadth of their ambition and they did it." "It's something insanely ambitious. Replacing the Web? Sheesh!" Graham said. "But I think investors liked them and they were able to get across what they are doing."

I'm hoping that when Geoff replaces the web he creates a simulator for the old web for his mother and I so we don't have to change. I still think vi and notepad are useful tools.

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