Tuesday, August 13, 2013

JEDI Mind Trick

This is not the site I'm looking for.


www.neo.com said...

What? Less Jedi than Matrix.

On Google glasses the message will be "this is not the woman you're looking for. Stop checking out her butt."

They even want to zip our bodies around a hyperloop like electrons down a circuits:

"Capsules would catapult through a large, nearly air-free tube."

Yes, air-free. Not even a mention of a humble HVAC unit on the capsule. Hold your breath, and your bladder, because no room for a toilet either apparently.

This is not the future we were looking for.

Surreal hyperloop said...

Clapper is in charge of the independent investigation into the crimes committed by Clapper.

Surreal Segway said...

In order to make healthcare affordable, we are removing caps on patient out-of-pocket expenses.

Surreal Mathematics said...

If a family can afford $3000 in health insurance premiums, they can actually afford $9000 if they receive a $2900 subsidy.