Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who Says They'll Listen?

From the Republican party's America Speaking Out web site.

America deserves a Congress that respects the priorities of the people. Unfortunately, Washington hasn't been listening. Let's change that. America Speaking Out is your opportunity to change the way Congress works by proposing ideas for a new policy agenda. Republicans have offered solutions, and we have our principles, but this is a new venue for us to listen to you. So Speak Out.

I was curious as to how the voting is going after twelve days of intense idea gathering and I get the impression that America is not speaking out. There isn't a single issue with more than 2,000 votes. Here are the entries with the most votes.

Under the category of Fiscal Accountability, sub-category of Government Reform:

Under the category of American Prosperity, sub-category of Job Creation:

And under the category of American Values, sub-category of Other:

I'm guessing the party of "No" will not be adopting these positions.

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