Wednesday, July 7, 2010

America Speaking Out...Kinda Sorta

Just checking in with America Speaking Out six weeks after its launch to see what ideas have the most votes in each category. So far, out of 57,473 registered users, including Republican members of Congress like Ron Paul, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Michelle Bachmann for whom this site is purportedly designed to gather ideas for, the ideas with the most votes still hover in the two to three thousand range.

Under American Prosperity, in the sub-category Federal Regulations we have designating English as the lingua franca of America.

Fiscal Responsibility, in the sub-category of Spending it is reducing defense spending and using some of the money for schools, infrastructure and social programs.

Under American Values, the top idea is in the sub-category of Constitutional Limits where each bill must specify where in the U.S. Constitution Congress gets the authority to do what they're doing. I imagine that would get people tired of hearing about Article I, Section 8, but maybe it would improve our civics knowledge. Revived interest in the similarly named Section VIII of United States Army Regulation 615-360 from WWII would make it a likely and appropriate source of humor as applied to some members of Congress.

In the National Security arena, the top idea is in the Terrorism Abroad sub-category and--as inexplicable as finding rocket launchers for sale in household goods--identifies not verifying the citizenship of voters at the polls as the source of our illegal immigration problems.

In the final category entitled Speak Out where you can "start your own debate" the top voted idea is to legalize marijuana.

I wonder how the Republican members of Congress feel about the munchies. An idea to repeal tax on junk food is looking pretty good now.

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