Sunday, August 22, 2010

America Still Not Saying Much

Three months after the unveiling of America Speaking Out, America still hasn't had much to say. I checked out the top voted items in each category and there has been little change since I last looked six weeks ago.

Displacing making English our official language, we now have a new leader in the American Prosperity category. Now, under the Job Creation sub-category, we want to deport all illegal aliens because they're taking all our jobs. I had no idea so many Americans wanted to work in the fields or clean hotel rooms.

Under Fiscal Responsibility, in the sub-category of Spending it is reducing defense spending and using some of the money for schools, infrastructure and social programs--just as it was six weeks ago only now with 800 more votes.

No change in American Values where the top idea, showing an increase of 500 votes, is still in the sub-category of Constitutional Limits where each bill must specify where in the U.S. Constitution Congress gets the authority to do what they're doing.

No change in the National Security area where the top idea is in the Terrorism Abroad sub-category and still identifies not verifying the citizenship of voters at the polls as the source of our illegal immigration problems. It has 300 more votes than before.

In the final category where you can start your own debate, overtaking the decriminalization of marijuana we now have the idea that Republicans be the opposite of what they are. Like that's gonna happen.

After three months, the paucity of votes indicates another showboating success for the House Republicans. I'm only bringing this up because nobody is paying attention which, just like with earmark reform, is exactly what they want you to do.

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