Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fear Begetting Fear

I just stumbled across this post on the Spokane Police Department site. Just what Spokane, or any other community, needs is more people carrying concealed weapons.
Yes, it's old news. One out of every 14 county residents have a concealed gun permit.


Anonymous said...

We must never allow police bureaucracy to delay a shooting.

AMB said...

I disagree. I think that most communities can absolutely benefit from having the kind of people who get concealed carry permits. After all, there is evidence that those who get conceal carry permits are more law abiding than the general population (cf. ) Additionally, everyone who has a concealed carry permit in Washington has also undergone a rigorous FBI background check. Finally, the kinds of people who get permits are by definition the ones who voluntarily decided to follow the law, rather than just carrying anyway without bothering to get the permit.

So as I said: I think that more people applying for concealed carry permits is good, since it probably indicates more responsible, law-abiding gun owners in a community.

A former Spokanite and current WA State CPL holder.