Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why Is Nobody Talking About It?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has a post on her Facebook page where she highlights a Millennial Meetup held with college students from various organizations, such as The National Campus Leadership Council, Common Sense Action, Concerned Youth for America, Public Notice/Bankrupting America, Fix the Debt, and The Can Kicks Back.

What's interesting is that it appears the meetup, which also included Reps. Paul Ryan, Adam Kinzinger, Jamie Herrera Beutler, and Aaron Schock, was held off the record and lasted 45 minutes. The only news items I can find on this are what have been authored and released by the House Republicans who took part in it.

Checking the web sites of the college student organizations who were listed as taking part in this meetup, I don't find a single word about them being invited, going to, taking part, or...anything.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least Rand Paul is speaking out against government secrecy, including secret government killing of US citizens on US soil.

Where are the Democrats and liberal civil liberties folks hiding today?

Where are Wyden and Udall?

Columbia said...

You might want to turn on CSpan. I'm not sure today is the day for Democrats to boast about open government process. Looks like Rand Paul has stolen our thunder on that one.

Maybe you're being intentionally ironic?

Personally, I don't care if my imcompetent representative covers up a likely nonexistant meeting.

I am somewhat more concerned that the President I voted for is claiming he can murder Americans, even in the United States, in secret and without process.

It's like watching the Reichstag burn on TV today.

Meow meow said...

Obama's betrayal of his civil liberties and transparency promises has left a moral vacuum. Paul has ably illustrated and exploited that vacuum.

Who would have thought dorky Rand Paul would make our smooth President look like a creep.

Also interesting is the disconnect between the elite media's stilted dismissal of the filibuster and the more nuanced conversations online and between real people.

Elite liberals particularly have been almost completely AWOL. So, the rule of law is now an ultraconservative political position? So all that protest during the Bush years was fake and just partisanship?

What's the matter Democrats--Rand got your tongue?

Slim Pickings said...

I can't see how the administration's insistence on secrecy prepares the nation for the inevitable world-wide proliferation of drones.

Drones are not nuclear secrets or fissionable material; you buy the ingredients premixed from Radio Shack. Every individual and half-assed organization will have them. Every hacker schemes about how to commandeer one. Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

Even during the Cold War, secrecy about nukes wasn't so positive. 1950s memos declassified in the 1980s showed that the arms race was as much spurred by inter-service rivalry as by any "missile gap" with the USSR. Every general wanted the power to annihilate the world.

My sense from the Hegel-Brennan hearings, and the Panetta-Petreus switch-up, is that the President is trying to squelch a drone rivalry between the armed forces and the CIA. If so, good for the President.

But, it would be more effective to bring the elite LeMay psychos at the CIA and Pentagon to heel by exposing them to the public. And by not nominating Dr. Strangelove to head the CIA.

We're basically riding our latest technology to oblivion because we can't talk about what already exists. We aren't allowed to have an informed debate about them. We get zero facts. Even the elites produced by our carefully engineered elections aren't allowed to talk about them.

The drones are coming. They are already here. Shut up and scream "yahooooo."

Anonymous said...

The liberal press is waking up and calling Paul hypocritical because he's a gun nut.

But I find it rather encouraging that Paul applies a different logic to drones (and bombs etc) and is concerned about the administration's extremely lax drone regulatory schemes.

Actually, the liberals seem more hypocritical in the guns-drones consistency issue. Not that hard to weaponize a drone. Why are drones OK if guns are hazardous?