Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back On The Road

Riding to work this morning was a welcome change. The road was smooth and I was rolling pretty fast compared to the jarring rock gardens at the race last weekend. My joy was short lived, however, when I noticed my back tire was getting mushy. I was barely a quarter mile from work when I pulled over to the sidewalk to fix a flat. 

The cause was a thin piece of wire, probably from a steel belted tire, embedded in my brand new tire. I thought I removed it, but I only removed enough to allow the tire to go slightly flat on the trip home after work. So I had two tubes to patch tonight and I got the rest of the wire out.

Interesting reactions from people passing by while I had my tire apart.

Pedestrians: "That doesn't look like fun."

Cyclist: "You okay?"

This is why you can't find a phone book when you need one. Yes, the cab is full and there's no room for a driver.

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