Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Is It Always The Passenger?

On the way home tonight I stopped at a four-way stop. A pickup truck was behind me. A car had stopped to my right before I stopped so I waited for them to go first. Taking my turn to go, I headed across the intersection. The truck behind me made a quick right turn and I heard the passenger yell, "(something unintelligible) faggot!"

I could only wonder, "What's up with that?" It was the passenger in a car that yelled at me back in March, complaining I couldn't do thirty. Being a passenger must be frustrating. You have no control except for that bogus temperature control on your side. You're at the mercy of someone else. You know you drive better than the driver. So you might as well take it out on the cyclist.

On to a more pleasant topic. Bunnies! I took a different road on a whim today and found bunnies.
They're so cute.

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Anonymous said...

Time for a helmet cam?