Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Frightening

Imagine, for just a moment, not being able to document your life with a phone. Wasn't there a Twilight Zone episode about that?


iPwn said...

Looks like it was filmed with a Samsung Galaxy 4, but not sure which editing app. Let me ask Siri...

Anonymous said...

This video brought to you by Google Glass.

Exiles in our own land said...

During the civil rights movement, the federal government illegally spied on Dr King by tapping his phone line, bugging his hotel rooms, and using the movement's photographer as a paid spy.

Now the feds spy on all of us, using both their devices and our own. They record our every phone conversation, our movements in public, read all our email, look at everything we film or watch.

If King had lived, he would have marched with Occupy. So where are our young Kings?

Obama and the junta have had them surveilled, pepper sprayed, jailed, stopped and frisked, beaten, unemployed, harassed, threatened. They thwart them before they become Kings, before they can let freedom ring.

The elites have turned our very tools of communication and organization into weapons against us.

Edgar Hoover's power pales next to Clapper's. Hoover couldn't prevent the Voting Rights Act, or King's call to extend constitutional rights to all. But Clapper and Obama have successfully gutted rights for all, and increased the unchecked power of the few. They have made elections utterly meaningless, Congressional oversight a joke, and nullified the promises of the Declaration and Bill of Rights.

Nonetheless, some of us still have a dream.

Reach out and touch some bum said...

Your stalker at the NSA loves your texts, sexts, and vids:

Notice that these creeps "turned thenselves in"--they weren't caught through "100% audits."

Meaning, tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Meaning also, Obama lied about intentional privacy violations.

Meaning as well, Snowden is telling the truth about the reach of NSA analysts.

Obama has succesfully gutted the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth and Ninth Amendments.

But hey, he's just getting started.


Since the stalkers at NSA were not criminally prosecuted, it's reasonable to assume the women who they stalked were never notified of the crimes against them. Or the danger they, or their children or new partners, might face from the NSA creeps.

These women have civil cause against Alexander, Clapper, and Obama.

Very frightening stuff, particularly as the law compels us to submit even our most personal health data and facial recognition appears everywhere.

Where are the women's groups?

Anonymous said...

I'm phoning this in from the side of a residential street where a driver just passed me, both hands on her phone, neither on the wheel, watching a video or gif and then she flipped to texting...

Maybe it was one of those Google self-driving cars...