Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I Saw Yesterday

It's that time of year when Pig Out In The Park overwhelms Riverfont Park, providing a great place for people watching. Some of what I saw:

A woman picking up her young son after his constant rebellion against the leash that was attached to him. "It's for your own safety. It's so nobody takes you."

A young man playing a guitar and singing the same six songs over and over and taking in a pretty good chunk of change in an hour. He was also competing against the sound of the carrousel's calliope and a nearby sax player.

A scary looking Elvis clown making balloon animals. Somehow his prescription glasses added to his strange appearance. If I was five I would not go near that guy.

A disheveled balloon animal maker who tried to pass off something completely unrecognizable as a brontosaurus. The child's father was incredulous but played it cool.

A highly energetic one-man aerobics routine on the north-side steps between the Howard Street Bridge and the Clocktower. I wanted to know what music he was listening to.

A young man walking around while wearing a monkey-face mask holding a sign, "Mask for sale."

A plastic tub of free kittens being offered up by some very sketchy looking people.

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