Friday, August 9, 2013

Interesting Perspective

Steph is huge in Spokane!


Anonymous said...

Not even in college yet, but already out standing in her field.

Anonymous said...

Attack of the 30 Foot Woman: The Early Years

"My cows, she's standing on my cows! Oh, the humanity!"

FrankenWeenie said...

And people talk like genetically modified food is a bad thing.

Hello Division I basketball scholarship!

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Dubbitt: Oh, Charlie. Go get the riot gun.
Deputy Charlie: Right. Why the heavy artillery, Chief?
Sheriff Dubbitt: We're looking for a satellite and a 30-foot giant out on 66.
Deputy Charlie: [runs into office then runs back out] A 30-foot giant? Oh, no!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.