Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carrying Excess Weight

As my panniers came out of the scanner the security guard asked, "What's the hook for?"

Not having a clue I answered, "What?"

"The hook in your bag. What's it for?"

"What hook?"

"C'mere and have a look."

I walked around to the monitor and sure enough, to my disbelief there was a hook. I returned to my panniers and pulled it out of a pocket. I found this some time ago while riding out in the Peone Prairie area. I had planned to do some clever road find post that for the life of me escapes me now. I've been uselessly lugging it around Spokane ever since.

"I always know it's your bag because it has that hook," the guard said. "I always wondered what you'd use it for since you're on a bike so I thought I'd ask."

Too bad he didn't ask me sooner.

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Lucas said...

That looks heavy.