Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Time In The City

So I've been at National Harbor, Maryland, since Sunday and the high humidity and high temperatures (yes, it's a frickin' weather report from D.C.) have tested my running.

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I've been running on a trail that goes along the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge to the other side of the Potomac River which makes me an interstate runner since I pass through Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Yesterday I was sweating so bad my t-shirt and running shorts were literally dripping wet. (Thank me for not including a photo.) That makes it awkward to go back into the resort-like monstrosity of a hotel we're at but it's mostly okay as long as I'm not sharing the elevator with anyone. Today I took my shirt off (after leaving National Harbor because last year the security guards told me that shirtlessning was not allowed) and blinded other trail runners/walkers/cyclists with my bright white abs of mirth.

During today's run I spotted what looked like a vulture sitting on a streetlight squinting down at me, probably rightly figurin' I'm from outta town and would likely die from the heat. I stopped a park police officer and asked if that was indeed a vulture. She said, "We gotta lotta birds here. I don't know them." Thank you, officer. After reviewing some search engine results I'm certain it was a turkey vulture. BTW, the Bashful Buzzard was one of my favorite cartoon characters.

So there's not much of a point to this here post. I'm just running back and forth across the bridge which, by the way, has a great section of smooth white cement just right for barefoot running even when it's 95 degrees out. Oh, yeah. Did I mention how stinkin' hot and humid it is here?

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Shan said...

First off... *thank you*!

Second, turkey vultures are pretty crazy looking, no? I was startled by one feasting on roadkill de squirrel one afternoon. Darned cartoon creature scoped me out like its next prospect as I drove slowly past (it was a 10 mile an hour road, I wasn't *that* driver).