Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking For Terrorists With Osteoporosis

Since we can't get intrusive enough and don't mind our civil liberties being erased, a scientist has come up with an idea to positively identify criminals and terrorists.

The idea was born when a Wright State University scientist went online as his young daughters were preparing to go trick-or-treating and discovered that convicted sex offenders were living in his neighborhood. What if there was a way to positively identify sex offenders as they arrived at theme parks and other venues populated by young children? Better yet, the scientist wondered, what if there was a way to recognize terrorists in disguise at airports or U.S. ports of entry?
As a result, the Wright State Research Institute is developing a ground-breaking system that would scan the skeletal structures of people at airports, sports stadiums, theme parks and other public places that could be vulnerable to terrorist attacks, child abductions or other crimes. The images would then quickly be matched with potential suspects using a database of previously scanned skeletons.

Let's think this through for a second. If you suspect someone is a terrorist then you can probably get their name and maybe a photo easy enough. You would have to know who they are to match their fingerprints to them. Getting a scan of their skeleton and matching that up to their name would be tricky, but I have an idea. How about a free osteoporosis check? Yeah, that's the ticket!

Now let's look at identifying sex offenders at theme parks and other venues populated by young children. Where is the evidence showing sex offenders running rampant in these venues? What would your reaction be when told the purpose of scanning your skeletal structure is to make sure you're not a sex offender? And what does this scanner do for the most likely threat?

Sometimes we just can't generate enough fear in our society.

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