Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30DOB - Day 17

Neither snow nor rain nor baseball bat nor squash.... Give me a minute and this will make sense.

This morning I repeated my ride over Five Mile, but taking A Street south instead of Ash. (Sorry for not giving you a head's up, Scott. It was a spur of the moment decision while leaving my driveway.) What caught my eye this time around were mail box protection schemes.

Four or five years ago, my mailbox was the victim of a drive-by squashing. Traditionally, according to the movies, young men lean out car windows or stand in the bed of a pickup truck wielding a baseball bat with which they swing away at mailboxes. This was different. Someone nailed the side of my mailbox with an acorn squash, which was a waste of a perfectly good acorn squash. It dented the box, cracked the vinyl post, and left squash parts on my driveway and yard.

The post hung in there but time, gravity, and the winds wore it down. A month or so ago I replaced everything with an all-metal assembly. My postal carrier even complimented me on it. He also told me that hitting a rock solid mailbox with a bat can break the bat holder's hand or wrist. I guess he would know these things.

I noticed a trend in the mailbox fortification on Five Mile Road.
There's rock.


 Heavy metal.

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