Saturday, April 20, 2013

30DOB - Day 20

I accompanied Kathy for one more long run. Today she did 20 miles. We started at the Harvard Road trailhead, went east for a while, then turned around and made a bee line for downtown Spokane. Today was the designated cleanup day for the Centennial Trail. Tons of volunteers were on the trail for the first few miles. It was pretty crowded in places and fast movers had to slow down, especially when little kids were present. As usual, there were plenty of other runners and cyclists to chat with and put on the OTM Facebook page. But today provided something different. I stumbled across two kayakers putting in to the river.
She's flyin'!

Headed for Sullivan Road.

 This tree always catches my eye.

Hey, wait for me.

Brings to mind song lyrics
about catching you when you fall. 

 A training day for others, too.

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