Friday, April 19, 2013

Mark My Words

They're everywhere and the police are powerless to stop them. You find smoking areas within 25 feet of a door or window in many places downtown. At first they stand around acting all innocent and throw their butts on the ground before heading back indoors. And then, confident that authorities will overlook them, the scofflaws begin to get comfortable. They start homesteading. They acquire milk crates to sit on. They use tin cans for an ashtray. From there it can only get worse. It would not surprise me to find one with a Barcalounger, an end table, and perhaps a tablet for writing stories and making stuff up for the enjoyment of others. And poison in the air.

1 comment:

Semelkh said...

The rich smoke leisurely cigars in oak and velvet offices.
The working class hurriedly suck and puff while stooped on plastic milkcrates in grungy alleys.

Guess which the smoke-free middle-class accuse of putting on airs.