Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Star struck?

After work I rode over to Spokane Community College to get some photos of the run with Born To Run author Christopher McDougall. McDougall is in town for EWU's Get Lit! 

I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to talk with McDougall but I thought that if I did, I'd tell him how I stumbled across an excerpt from his book four years ago. The excerpt was about the Stanford University coach who had his runners practice on the golf course barefoot. That got me curious and I started experimenting with running barefoot. I was going to tell him about the blisters, the sandals, and my first barefoot Bloomsday. I was going to relive the trials and tribulations of learning how to run. I would tell him how I gave up running shoes for good. I was going to bond.

While I was standing there a fellow wearing a long sleeved black shirt, black running shorts, and sandals walked up next to me and said, "Hi."

I turned and looked at Chris McDougall.

"Hi," I answered and then looked at him like the blank-minded gomer I had just become. Apparently, he didn't recognize that underneath that "Hi" there is a sparkling personality just waiting to be buffed out and he moved on to talk to someone who showed signs of life.
 McDougall on the left. Don Kardong in blue.

Don Kardong leading the runners.

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