Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Confirmation Bias Site

Someone, a "friend", posted a link on Facebook pointing to a National Report news article stating that President Obama was filing federal charges against George Zimmerman.

Just when we thought the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case was over after Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Obama Administration has taken the steps needed to file federal charges, thus sidestepping the well established double jeopardy, against Zimmerman.  Unidentified sources within the Administration have confirmed that Obama, and Justice Eric Holder at the Department of Justice have filed charges against Zimmerman for “violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights”.

Red flags immediately started waving when I read that first paragraph. "Justice" Eric Holder? He's the Attorney General. And double jeopardy means being tried for the same crime in the same court following acquittal or conviction and does not apply when state murder charges are followed by federal civil rights violation charges. 

I had never heard of the National Report news site. Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Governor Sarah Palin are pictured on the top banner giving the impression it's a right wing publication. But it gets more interesting as you check out the main page. It's all lurid and bizarre news article titles.

BREAKING… Negro Vigilantes Vow Vengeance After Trayvon Martin Verdict

Was Paula Deen Framed for Racism by Tasteless Food Trend Purists?

Poll: Can Zimmerman get a Mistrial if the Lady Jury is on Their Periods?

New CDC Study Indicates Pets Of Gay Couples Worse At Sports, Better At Fashion Than Pets Of Straight Couples

Tea Party Members Fit Profile of Domestic Terrorists, Obama Claims

And the articles that go with each are just as bizarre. And so are some of the comments. You have to dig around for it, but there is a disclaimer on the site. (bolding mine)

*DISCLAIMER:  National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.  All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news.  Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental .  The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone and are not reflective of the fine journalistic and editorial integrity of National Report.  Advice given is NOT to be construed as professional.  If you are in need of professional help (and you may be if you are on this page), please consult a professional.   National Report is intended for a mature audience and not for children under the age of 18.

After reading a few of the fake news articles, it's easy to see that the National Report is trying very hard to be like The Onion, but without humor. It's like the difference between Andrew Dice Clay and George Carlin. They both used foul language in their stand up routines. One was just shocking while the other was funny and thought provoking. Shocking is easy. And tiresome.

But, if you want to confirm how you think about right wing extremists or if you're one of those extremists then this site is for you.

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