Friday, July 26, 2013

Crazy Talk

Normally, I consider myself reasonably informed on events but I did not know until yesterday that there's a conspiracy theory that the Boston Marathon bombing was a government job. Why wouldn't we hear about it from the mainstream media? Well, if they're in on it, they wouldn't publicize that people think they're in on it. And if it's just crazy talk, then they wouldn't give any time for that because the mainstream media is particular about what crazy talk they cover.


Anonymous said...


"The NSA is collecting data on the phone calls and web habits of all Americans."

"Oh, that's crazy talk."


"The NSA is collecting data on the phone calls and web habits of all Americans."

"Well of course, that's nothing new."

Patsy Kleine Nachtmusik said...

"The President assassinates US citizens, including children, outside of a war zone and with no due process of law."

2011: Crazy talk.
2013: Of course he does, and should!

Gnarls Narcley said...

The State of Idaho records the license plate of every vehicle entering the state on I 90 and keeps the information forever.

2012: That's crazy talk. Stop listening to tinfoil hat Kootenai County weirdos.
2013: Well of course they do. Gotta keep an eye on tinfoil hat Kootenai County weirdos.

Red Queen said...

How bout this for crazy: Larry Summers for Fed chief.

I feel like we're in a social science experiment to see how quickly a population can form new rationalizations, even when today's rationalization logically contradicts yesterday's.

Middle class speech, then Larry Summers.
No surveillance, then surveillance is needed.
Profiling is bad Trayvon, then Ray Kelly.
Transparent drone strikes, then secret drone strikes.

On and on, literally not even 24 hours in some cases.

Democrats are mad as hatters, sorry.