Monday, July 8, 2013

Special Bike Happening

On Saturday July 13th, Hector Picard, a double arm amputee, will complete his 3200 mile bike ride across the country right here in Spokane. He started in Miami, Florida and his goal is to help raise $32,000 for a little boy born without hands and to show him that anything is possible.  Hector will meet Jameson Davis for the very first time on Saturday and the Davis family would love to have everyone come line their street and cheer him to the finish line at 10120 N. Whittier Street, Spokane.

You can also ride with Hector on the way into Spokane. There's supposed to be a police escort beginning at 57th and Palouse Highway that takes him to the Davis house in north Spokane.

Check the Facebook page for the latest developments.

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