Saturday, November 9, 2013

All Grown Up

Wait, Steph is 18 now? How did that happen so quickly? With mixed feelings I see the last of our children reaching adulthood. Next year she'll be off to college and the house will be empty except Kathy and me. Where did the time go?

A couple of my sisters came to town to help celebrate Steph's birthday. Judy came over from Issaquah. Jan and her husband, Chip, came up from Boise. My sister, Barb, and her husband, Jim, were here along with my brother, Robert. Rounding out the list were my my mom and her very close friend, Richard. Chip and I prepared the best chicken cacciatore dinner ever while the ladies spent the day shopping. To help us prepare to get prepared for cooking, Chip and I spent some time riding the trails over at Riverside State Park. So it's no wonder the meal was so awesome. The family time was short lived but high quality. It was great to visit with everyone.

And happy birthday to my little girl.
Seems like this happened just yesterday.
And now today.
With mom...
...and grandma.
Friends stopped by to tortilla the yard.

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