Monday, December 29, 2008

Cleaning Up Their Act

Earlier this month there was an article in the Spokesman-Review about our Congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, being named the chair of the Select Committee on Earmark Reform. I didn't pay much attention to it since McMorris Rodgers' moratorium on earmarks was something I considered to be more of a political stunt than a sincere responsibility, moral or ethical stand.

Then I got this email from her today.

So I took a closer look. Aside from McMorris Rodgers, here are the other committee members:
Judy Biggert
Kevin Brady
Jeff Flake
Randy Forbes
Doc Hastings
Jeb Hensarling
John Mica
Mike Simpson
Zach Wamp

All Republican members of the House. The party of values is beckoning me.

Earmarks are out of control and they are a huge problem. But they are a recent problem. We can live without them if we choose to.

From the Review article I mentioned earlier:

And will she continue her "no earmarks" policy in 2009?

"I'm going to wait and see how this process goes."

Well, for me that answer screams that it's a rock-solid values-based responsible, moral and ethical stand the Republican Party is dead serious about.

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James Stripes said...

It's rare to see the word "responsibility" in the same sentence as the name of our dear Comgresswoman, and for that sentence to be clear and accurate. But, you pulled it off.

I enjoyed the Tri-Cities article regarding McMorris's position on earmarks that she trumpeted in her newsletter. They highlighted repeatedly how certain earmarks are vital to eastern Washington, a point she is extremely reluctant to acknowledge.

We in Spokane that care about the future must understand that we will continue to be unrepresented in Washington DC as long as we have a "leader" that wants to refuse the very pork that built this region, and at the same time uses her role on other committees to assure that we remain mired in a natural resource extractive economy.