Friday, December 12, 2008

Nasty Haters! We Hates 'em!

If you're not familiar with Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, well, you're not missing much. He got all heifered up about the religious vs. nonreligious display circus in Olympia once the Westboro Baptist Church joined in with a request to put up a sign that says, "Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell."

Bill released a statement which begins thusly:

"Gov. Gregoire is responsible for this mess. Having first acceded to the requests of atheists to attack Christmas, she is now confronted with the likes of the Westboro Baptist Church, a viciously anti-American, anti-Catholic and anti-gay group. There is a way to deal with this situation in a manner that is legally acceptable and morally defensible, but neither the Washington governor, nor her lawyers, have figured it out."

Bill is upset about "vicious" group. How could we tolerate such hateful people? Let's have another look at what Westboro Baptist Church is "anti-".

American. Hmm, American is good.

Catholic. All things Catholic are sacred to Bill.

Gay. Gay is--um...well, gay is...uh, tell us about gay, Bill.

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Nick said...

Hilarious! Bill Donohue: Gay Rights Activist. That man has never met a cause he couldn't exploit.