Saturday, December 6, 2008

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

Kudos to The Spovangelist and the work she put into creating the Spokane Blog Bible. The finished product looks great and the medieval drawings really add character.

Quite a few people showed up, many more than I expected but what do I know? It was great to meet and chat with some of the other featured bloggers--a very interesting mix of people, topics, and experiences.

Here are the bloggers who participated:

Down To Earth
The Spovangelist
Cycling Spokane
Shallow Cogitations
Out There Monthly
Spokane Skeptic
Blush Response
The Inland Echo
Get Out North Idaho
Skywalk Sensations

Along the lines of the religious metaphor for this humble publication I attempt to create a new word from another.

Henoblogism: the worship of a particular blog, as by a family or tribe, without disbelieving in the existence of others.


Bart_Mihailovich said...

Hank - I very much enjoy your new made up word - haha.

The Spovangelist said...

How does one use this word in a sentence?
Am I a henoblogist of MetroSpokane? Help!

Hank Greer said...

Now you're making me work. ;-) But I'll take a stab at it.

While Hank has seen other cycling blogs, he only reads Cycling Spokane. His henoblogism causes him to miss out on a wide variety of creative ideas, innovations, and stories in the cycling world.