Monday, December 8, 2008

Technological Awareness Ebb And Flow

The capabilities of cell phones do not interest me. Most likely because all I want is dial tone. I'm not interested in being able to tell who is calling me by the ring tone I've assigned, playing music, taking pictures, or making videos with a cell phone. I don't want anyone to call me unless it's necessary. I abhor talking on a cell phone in public. I hear enough unnecessary conversations on the bus, in restaurants, on the sidewalks, in the park, etc. Even in the bathroom. I absolutely detest it in the bathroom. I used to have a cell phone but I only turned it on when I needed to make a call. Then they got me one at work so I got rid of mine. (No sense carrying two turned off phones.) Once, early on, I made the mistake of thinking the call was important enough that I should answer my work phone while in that reverberation chamber known as the men's room. Never again.

But that's not what I wanted to post about. About three or four months ago I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader. The export of subscriptions out of Bloglines and import into Reader went without a hitch and I've been happily fine-tuning my subscription list since. Every once in a while I noticed Reader would tell me I had an unread item but that item was not on any of the sites I subscribed to. If I clicked on the All Items link and scrolled down I would find that someone had shared an item. Hmm. With me. I wondered how they did that, but not enough to actually go look for an answer. So after all this time I finally clicked on the "Start Sharing Now..." button in Reader and lo and behold, not only can I share with my Google friends but three of them are already sharing with me. So that's how they did it.

I'm not sure if or how or when I want to use this feature. But for those of you who are sharing with me, thank you.

And if you call me to say, "You're welcome," or call to congratulate me for figuring it out all by myself and I don't answer, leave a message. I might get back to you but I'll need to wash my hands first.


Pat S said...

We've long suspected that you are a crotchety dinosaur. Thanks for the confirmation.

On another subject . . . don't ya just somehow love how google is doing everything right but secretly worry that they will start doing it wrong and that everyone will start treating them like MS? (So far so good. Shhhhh.)

Hank Greer said...

For the longest time while reading my email in Gmail, I never noticed the ads off to the right. Once I did, I saw that the ads related to the content of the email I was reading. That bothered me, and it still does, but what does it matter? If I never click on an ad, fine. Everything online is retrievable and searchable anyway so if I want true privacy I should use PGP.

But you're right. Mums the word.