Friday, September 21, 2012

More Elbow Room

Recent construction on Hwy 2 and Hawthorne resulted in some welcome changes for bike commuters like me. The edge of the pedestrian islands were pushed back. I've never mentioned the poor design before but it was something I noticed almost every day I rode to work.

The red arrows are pointing to where the edges of the islands used to be and the purple lines show the gain in road surface. The southbound approach still leaves a little to be desired but at least cyclists now have a little more room and are not pushed completely into the traffic lane. This isn't bad if the light is red and you're starting off at the same time as traffic. But if the light is green, be careful if you have 45mph+ traffic coming from behind.

Northbound wasn't much of a problem and now it's luxuriously roomy compared to before.

 Northbound on Hwy 2.

Southbound on Hwy 2.

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