Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sharing The Road

Some work is being done where Nevada intersects with Hwy 2. This is the view on my commute home. 
The traffic barrels on the left are blocking my path. I surveyed this when I stopped at the red light on Thursday evening and decided I could cut through the construction area since it was clear and there was no right-turning traffic coming from Nevada. As I was thinking this over, the driver in the truck next to me spoke up.

Him: "What do you want to do about the barrels?"

Me: "I don't see anything in my way on the right so I'll go that way."

Him: "Okay, but if you want to go left, I can hold off and let you go first."

Me: "That's very nice. Thank you very much."

In my experience, any interaction with a vehicle driver is usually unpleasant. Here's a driver I'm going to remember in a good way, unlike that one guy.

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