Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30DOB - Day 2

Life. It's beautiful. It's hard. It gives us a big comforting hug and then out of the blue an unexpected knee in the groin. It warms our bones and weathers our skin. It's fun and loving and pleasurable and we pay a price the longer we stay on the ride.
At times it may loom over us, threatening an uncertainty. We watch. We measure. We think the odds are long and decide to take a chance. Or perhaps we change course.
And we learn that every path presents a peril. When trying to avoid adversity we often just trade one obstacle for another. It's easy to focus on the hard parts. The parts that hurt. The parts that make us want to give up.
Those who persevere thrive because they understand defeat is a state of mind. They accept that hardships are a part of their journey. They treasure the beauty, the experiences, the relationships, and the uniqueness we bring to life. How we live is our choice.
But keep your eyes open because if you suspect a knee coming, turning aside just a little is not cheating.


Mike said...

After a tough 18 miler yesterday, this post keeps me going. Thanks Hank :)

Hank Greer said...

That's awesome, Mike.