Thursday, April 4, 2013

30DOB - Day 4

My brother John is in town and he brought his bike with him. Cool! We headed out just in time for the rain. John has fenders on his bike and he wore booties to keep his feet dry. I am not that smart. My shoes were soaked and I was filthy by the time I got home. But not having fenders meant John could not draft on me since my rear wheel was throwing crap all over the place.
 Cats on the Internet is all the rage these days.

John looking reasonable clean and dry.

 Fish Lake Trail is awesome--and needs completing.


Rode hard and put away wet.

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Anonymous said...

According to some of my old working buddies at Riverside State park there is funding to finish the connection at Scribner road to Fish lake. Just when it will take place is not known.