Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coming Up This Weekend

The West Central Neighbor Days Festival is being held at Cannon Park this Saturday from 10:00-2:00. Pedals2People will be there offering free bicycle tune ups and repairs. I remember the last time I helped Pedals2People.

"Why would you sign up for this, Hank?"

"I wanna fix flats, sir!"

"You can forget it! You're out!

"Don't you do it! Don't! You...I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! I got nowhere else to g...I got nothin' else."

"Alright, Hank. On your feet."

I might have a couple details wrong.

There's something new happening at 1:00 at the festival. It's the first Kidical Mass. The Summer Parkways organization is holding three of these this year. Bill Bender, Spokefest chair and a man well known for getting cycling-related things done in Spokane, stumbled across the Kidical Mass website and thought the idea would be great to encourage kids to ride bikes and exercise.

View Kidical Mass West Central 2013 in a larger map
It's a three-mile route and parents are invited to ride along. Volunteer ride leaders will escort the young'uns.

Trivia note: The northern loop of the ride was my paper route some forty years ago.

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