Friday, April 26, 2013

30DOB - Day 26

This was the first morning where it was warm enough to preclude wearing a hat, fleece pullover, and gloves.

I left early and opted for the long way to work via the Children of the Sun Trail and what a pleasant surprise I found there. The grit and gravel I had noted before was gone.

A sweeper this way came. Nice! 

The southern end of the trail alongside Freya has yet to receive this treatment. But progress doesn't always happen overnight, right?

Since the morning ride was going so well, I thought I'd tempt fate a little and stay on Freya until it reached Upriver Drive. I wove through the two roundabouts that terminate the south end of North-South Corridor and put my head in the lion's mouth after crossing Francis. This is an industrial area so large trucks are frequent. Plus, there's no shoulder and the road surface is crap. But we all shared the road without sounding a horn, yelling a swear word, endangering anyone's life, or using any insulting sign language.

After crossing Wellesley the road widens and it was clear sailing to Upriver. Then it was a simple matter of following the Centennial Trail to downtown.

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