Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beastly Reminder

This year's cyclocross season schedule is penciled in. I'm reminded that at the end of last year's cyclocross season I wrote about becoming beastly. I haven't been doing any runs, let alone long ones, since I sprained my ankle two months ago. I have been riding my bike a lot more. I take longer routes to and from work, stay on the big chain ring as much as I can, and treat each commute like a race.
My first race will be the Labor Day CX over on the west side. In the meantime, I have the Midnight Century this weekend. And I'll probably squeeze in the Coeur d'Fondo at the end of September.

I don't need to lose ten pounds, but I'm going to try to anyway. I have two months to achieve a higher level of beastliness.

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