Sunday, July 28, 2013

Survey Fund Raiser

The push is on for the Republican Summertime Affordable Health Care Hate-a-thon. The GOP wants to know what you really think. Only they don't. They don't give you much more than limited options and debunked talking points to choose from.
You're required to enter a name, email address and a zip code. They don't do much error checking on the required entries. A zip code of "a" is acceptable. They're a little more particular about the email address. It passes muster if you have an "@" sign and period in the name. Garbage@garbage.garbage was considered a valid address.

After you submit your survey you are directed to a page where you can make a contribution to the Republican party. And that's what it's all about. I'm sure they're more particular about you entering a valid credit card number.

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Anonymous said...

Meh. The Republicans have nothing on Democratic fundraisers. The similarities if the Dashboard and the NSA checkout stand are rather creepy:



Notice the shared personnel, including Google's fabulously creepy Schmidt--and of course Zuckerberg. So your "Friends" were allowed to give YOUR access to Obama's creepster, substance-free campaign.

I can attest to the creepy affectiveness of Obama's reach. Yuck. I no longer give any online info to Democrats or Republicans.

With the popular war against the Democrat and Republican illegal surveillance regime gaining ground in Congress, you have to wonder if it will change how campaigns are run.

Maybe they'll stop reading our email and listening to our calls and start offering policy.