Friday, July 12, 2013

Running In Dribbles At A Time

Back in May I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I haven't been able to run since except for my rail bike chase, but I was wearing shoes at the time. And there's the problem. I can run a couple hundred feet barefoot before my ankle complains too much. But I can run farther if I'm wearing shoes and land on my heels. Ironic, right?

For now I refuse to buy running shoes. Instead I'm going to try increasing my barefoot distance each day. It's working so far but it's only been two days so, to be honest, it's too soon to tell. My callouses have thinned so the gradual workup should help there as well.

Why am I up so late? Because my ankle aching. But the night is not a wash. Joe Theismann is on TV telling me how SuperBeta Prostrate can improve my urine flow and reduce my bathroom trips.

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