Saturday, July 27, 2013


It was the final ride of the FBC and nearly everyone wore black like they were supposed to. Some were even more creative. More pictures posted here.
My sister, Barb, and quite a few other people became Lifetime Members for Life tonight. Jeff Everett made 200 spoke cards and he easily ran out. There were at least 400 people there for the grand finale. I don't think Jeff knew that Summit was all torn up because of the construction going on in Kendall Yards. After crossing the Sandifur Bridge we climbed up to Summit and got on something akin to a cyclocross course. Loose gravel, dirt, weeds, and obstacles to lift your bike over made me feel right at home. Barb and I rode with the crowd to the destination and then left. It was too crowded. Go figure. And crowds just aren't my thing.

FBC has had a great run. It brought all kinds of cyclists together. All ages and all shapes and sizes. Fixies, mountain bikes, tri-bikes, cruisers, skinny tires, tall bikes, trikes, vintage bikes, anything with wheels were welcomed unconditionally. It's sad to see this come to and end.

On another sad note, this was the first time that anyone has messed with my bike. Someone stole my tools, spare tube, and pump from my panniers. They violated the only FBC rule--don't be an asshole.

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