Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Birth Of An Urban Legend?

I received another forwarded email from someone who constantly sends this kind of stuff.

Just got word that many brave men and women serving our country in Iraq due to start the long journey home last night were delayed because Kelli Pickler, a former American Idol contestant, decided she wanted to leave Iraq right then. GI's already packed and aboard the plane had to disembark as Kelli and her people stood there ready to board. She couldn't wait three hours for the plane originally scheduled for her.

Our service people should ALWAYS come first! They have been away from their family for months, missing holidays and just everyday life. They put their lives on the line every day for our country. How dare some so-called "STAR" push herself and her agenda ahead of our service men and women! How dare our government allow it to happen?!

She was there to perform for the troops. How admirable! She was to perform two shows, only did one, and refused to sign any autographs. It was said by those there that she was snotty.

Please send her a message. Stop buying her music and attending her concerts. Let's instead

The hyperbole, Kellie's misspelled name and an incomplete last sentence indicate a high level of bogus to me. Since Snopes didn't have anything on it I submitted it for them to check out.

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Autumn said...

No offense to Kellie or anyone famous....no wait, what am I saying? All offense intended!
Actually if she was really over there being a spoiled brat and demanding an earlier flight home I have a strong suspicion that whoever was in charge over there would laugh at her as they made her wait the final 3 hours. At least that's what I'd do. After all I could always claim later that I was just "following orders in the order that they were received." haha :)