Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Buff In 180 Minutes

I'm not a huge fan of the Huffington Post mainly because of the plethora of useless stuff amidst the real news and halfway decent commentary. Articles like this bit about 10 gadgets to help you get fit in 2010. Best Fitness Tech? How'd they come up with that?

Many are the Bowflex machines, weight sets, stationary bicycles, shake weights (go ahead and click it, you know you're curious), treadmills, Nordic Tracks, and other exercise gizmos--heck, even regular bicycles--that are sitting around collecting dust because someone thought "That's what I need to get in shape" only to have their enthusiasm decline like their checking account after making three easy payments.

Just as with diets, the latest fad does little to help you out. No single gadget, machine, diet or pill have the effect of a serious lifestyle change. Why do you think the fine print always says "Results not typical"?

Except...except that new workout technology known as Dynamic Inertia just sounds so appealing. Like it really works. I mean, I will sculpt my arms and chest in just six minutes a day. So after 30 days I will be the Hercules Kathy desires so much. And there's a triple money back guarantee so what do I have to lose?

I just hope I don't hit myself in the face with it.

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