Saturday, January 16, 2010

Terrorism And Our Economy

Geoff introduced me to TED some time ago where you can watch, listen to and learn about a wide variety of subjects. In this TED Talk, Loretta Napoleoni talks about the relationship between terrorism and the world's economy. This will not be a waste of 15 minutes. And kudos to TED for providing closed captioning on their videos.

I love her advice at the end.

"You got to question everything that is told to do, including what I just told you today."

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Lucas said...

That was a great post Hank. One thing she didn't touch on is how much global terror is rooted in economic issues in the first place. There isn't much difference between the factors that cause urban youth to embrace gangs and the factors that lead people to terrorist organizations (which street gangs essentially are). When you have a group of people who can see the world around them leaving them behind and they have limited options they will lash out. They have nothing to lose. Once we realize that the unemployment rate in Yemen has an impact on the terror alert level in the US we will stop fighting the war on terror and start winning it.