Friday, January 8, 2010

You Can't Have It All

Over at Publicola they have a preview of an interview they had with Grace Crunican, the outgoing chair of [Seattle's] transportation department.

Crunican also defended the city’s bike master plan, which has built 90 miles of bike lanes and sharrows since it was passed in 2006. Of those 90 miles, however, only 13 are bike lanes —the rest are sharrows, lane markings that let drivers know a bicyclist may be in the road. “I understand that the bike people don’t like sharrows as much as bike lanes, but when we started, people were saying, ‘Why are you taking lanes away from cars?’ … We did bike lanes where we could and sharrows where we couldn’t, and bike ridership has gone up 15 percent.”

Just something to keep in mind for our master bike plan.

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