Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Potpourri

Steph not only bought Josh a Slanket for his birthday but she bought one for herself, too. She decided on the Slanket for two reasons. First, she saw it in the SkyMall magazine when we flew to Hawaii last year. And secondly, Consumer Reports gave the Snuggie low marks for poor quality and construction. In my mind the purchase alone took her out of the "smart shopper" category.

Steph's take on Michael Phelps appearing in Subway commercials. "Subway is using him because he always there when he got the munchies." Oh, what-snap-now-burn!

One of the classes Kathy just started is Pathophysiology. The textbook has all kinds of photos that can bring your dinner meal to a screeching halt. Kathy thumbed through the book on the day it arrived. Now how is a 14-year-old girl supposed to respond when her mother calls her over and says, "Check this out. Have you ever seen a penis with crusted scabies?"

Today is Spirit Day. Did you dress up, too?

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