Monday, February 8, 2010

Did They Run That Name By A Focus Group?

Chase Bank has a new service called blink. If swiping your card through the reader, entering your PIN, answering "no" to cash back, and answering "yes" to the correct amount takes too long--I mean, who has that kind of time these days?--now you can simply wave your card near thingy and your transaction is instantly completed.

In other words, your money is gone in the blink of an eye.

From the FAQ:

How do I use blink?
It's easy — just follow these steps:

* When your purchases are totaled, hold your card up to the reader.
* If you're prompted to select credit or debit, you must select credit to use blink (even for a debit card). You aren't required to enter your PIN. (If you are using your debit card, the money will still come directly out of your checking account.)
* Lights flash and/or a tone sounds to indicate your card has been read.
* Your transaction is approved and you're on your way.

Selecting "credit" also ensures the merchant pays the highest fee, too. Are you still not convinced they thought of everything?

Is blink secure?
Absolutely! blink transactions are safe because they are protected by an additional level of encryption. Merchants' card readers can read a blink card only when it is held within 2 inches of the reader, and the highest level of encryption protects all of your information. Plus, just as when your card is swiped, you are protected against unauthorized purchases.1

The small print: 1 U.S.-issued credit cards only. Zero Liability policy for credit cards does not apply to ATM transactions or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa/MasterCard, as applicable. For debit cards, Chase will reimburse you for any unauthorized card transactions made at stores, ATMs, online or on the phone when reported promptly.

But the highest level of encryption combined with the flashing lights and/or sounding tone puts my mind at ease.

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