Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disappearing Peone

For twelve years now I've been riding my bike out on the Peone Prairie and I've always enjoyed the solitude and beauty of the fields. Sadly, those fields are gradually disappearing. The latest to fall have been cut up into 10-acre lots. The virtual tour looks nice and the music is soothing, but I think they look better with wheat waving in the breeze than with McMansions overlooking each other. The price of progress, eh?

How ironic that the animals pictured as attractions are more or less being intruded upon.


Shan said...

This is sad. The area that Tom and I moved from about a year ago used to be agricultural. To the south were dairy farms and horse pastures for as far as the eye could see (and the nose could smell... 'specially on foggy days). To the east and south were vineyards. They were *every*where.

About 15 years ago the farms and pastures started getting eaten up by commercial and residential building. It's okay though, 'cuz they named the streets after horses and put up white horse fencing to honor the heritage. Cool, right?

And when the vineyards started turning into parking lots and office buildings... well they *did* plant the occasional grapevine for decoration and name the places after wineries that used to...


Lucas said...

The disappearing Peone saddens me too Hank. There is nothing better than riding out there on a clear day when the fields are high and you can see Mt. Spokane in the distance. We'll have to ride it a lot before it's gone.