Friday, April 9, 2010

Got My Hopes Up And...

Back on March 24 I used SeeClickFix to report the Road Closed sign at the bottom of Mayfair blocking part of the bike lane. Two days later I reported tree branches blocking the lane on Addison.

Since there was no feedback by last Tuesday, I decided to call the Spokane Street Dept. The polite young lady remembered my call about the sign last year and noted both of my complaints.

I received an email from Paul Dillon yesterday telling me he was following up on the SeeClickFix and I told him how I had called the Street Department.

Today I received two emails from SeeClickFix stating each problem I reported had been fixed. I thought, "Cool!" And I'll take pictures on the way home. Well, here are the pictures.

I'm guessing this really means that two work orders have been assigned and someone interpreted that to mean the problems have been fixed. So I'll see on Monday. Or Tuesday.

Each of my complaints on the SeeClickFix site have comments showing other people wanted these things fixed.

I hope people stop moving "it" and "this" for Harry.

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