Monday, April 12, 2010


There's an article on O'Reilly about how SeeClickFix got its start two years ago.

We say a problem is fixed when it's actually fixed, not when someone says, "We're going to fix it." The way you know is because either the person who posted the issue closes the ticket and the status changes to closed, or the person who sees it fixed or actually fixes it closes the ticket.

Anyone can close it. The citizens all get emails. The initial reporters get emails when an issue is closed, and if they want to reopen it, they click the link. We did have someone in Winnipeg, Canada closing unfixed tickets. It's the only time it's happened. My impression is that it was the city employee that was doing it, and they were being pretty hostile about it. But citizens instantly said that the ticket's not closed. We helped to reopen some, and the citizens reopened some themselves.

I may have an answer as to why my problems were reported as fixed. It appears anyone can do that. So it looks like someone created an account under the name "Harry Greer" and reported them as fixed. I actually had to drive in today because I had to stay downtown late and needed a vehicle. I won't know for sure until tomorrow when I ride in to work.


Pat S said...

I rode up north last Sunday and as of then, the sign on Mayfair wasn't fixed. Not sure about the tree, because I stayed on Lidgerwood until I was north of Empire.

Hank Greer said...

On my ride in this morning I saw that neither one was fixed.

Charles said...

A couple of years ago I got a letter from the city that they wanted me to trim some limbs from a tree In my front yard, they wanted 8 foot clearance for the sidewalk and 10 foot for the street and six feet in my yard within 30 feet of the street. I trimmed a bunch of limbs and they came back and wanted more trimmed. It did make it better for people coming to the corner and being able to see cars coming. But about a week later the neighbor next door started parking cars almost to the end of his driveway, and now all my trimming did was make it easy to see his cars in his driveway.