Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Have A New Leader

This truck now has four bike lane violations, three of them since March.


Not said...

I would like to hear about any car in Spokane County receiving a ticket for parking in a bike lane. I doubt it has ever happened.

On that note, I wonder why we bother to paint little bicycle symbols and build curbs and sidewalks in what are obviously parking spaces.
- Ventura

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that people can no longer park in front of their house because of the bike lanes.

Notice the vehicles on the other side of the street that are still able to park in front of their own house.

Even without a bike lane, bikes can legally ride next to each other on a road, forcing motor vehicles to slow down and go around.

Bike laws seem regressive and have a long way to go before everyone is in harmony.

The problems go both ways and that may be one reason why there is little enforcement of issues such as this.

A case in point. I had one guy on a bike the other day ride his bike up the middle of a two lane traffic stop. I was several cars back, in the left lane, at the traffic stop. He decided to place himself and his bike right in front of me to take a left. He proceeded to ride (attempted to go fast...) and then turned left at the intersection in the middle of the two lanes so there was no way to go around him.

He created a hazard by using his bike to jump ahead of traffic stopped at the light rather than waiting in line like everyone else. No wonder people are legitimately upset at the rogue bicycle riders out there.

I am not saying everyone is like this, but I am saying there are plenty of legitimate complaints to go around from both sides. It isn't only the bicycle riders who are upset at infractions.